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Thank you for visiting us! Our goal is to develop individuals and businesses to be highly successful by Coaching, Consulting, and Training throughout a personalized journey. You will find us to be servant-driven, yet no-nonsense. We will be kind, transparent, and always truthful.

Higher Accountability Training Services offers consultations, coaching and training in three specific arenas:

*CEO of Y.O.U.
A membership based coaching and accountability program for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and those who have a burning desire to create the life that they envision personally and professionally. Only for those serious about doubling their income and reaching their goals.

*IEP/ARD/504 Coaching and Consulting Providing Advocacy services for parents of children with special needs. I often say that talking with an experienced coach before the meeting is like insurance. It is a MUST.

* Trauma Informed Training
Training for Teachers, Social Workers, and Child Care Staff, specifically designed to teach adults how to work with children of trauma, and children who have a parent under correctional supervision


Leadership Coaching

Life Coaching

Dyslexia and Learning Disability Assessments

John Maxwell DISC Assessments

Special Education Consulting

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"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
                                            ---Benjamin Franklin