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Thank you for visiting us! Our goal is to develop individuals and businesses to be highly successful by Coaching, Consulting, and Training throughout your personal journey. You will find us to be servant-driven, yet no-nonsense. We will be kind, transparent, and always truthful.

Higher Accountability Training Services offers consultations, coaching and training in three specific arenas:

*CEO of Y.O.U.
A membership based coaching and accountability program for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and those who have a burning desire to create the life that they envision personally and professionally. Only for those serious about doubling their income and reaching their goals.

*IEP/ARD/504 Coaching and Consulting Providing Advocacy services for parents of children with special needs. Affordable membership to a group that serves to educate, prepare, and advocate on behalf of you and your child. Success and Results Driven! I often say that talking with an experienced coach before the meeting is like insurance. It is a MUST.

* Trauma Informed Training
Training for Teachers, Social Workers, Child Care Staff, specifically designed to teach adults how to work with children of trauma, and children who have a parent under correctional supervision

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"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
                                            ---Benjamin Franklin